HREYN Membership can be granted to organisations and individuals.
Any individual with a genuine interest in the promotion and development of the HREYN aims and values may become a member of the HREYN with the consent of the Board of Directors and upon payment of the annual membership fee determined by General Assembly. Individual members shall also sign a membership declaration. Members can represent themselves or the organisations they are involved in.

The members have the right to:
• To participate in any of the HREYN activities related to its aims;
• To enjoy all the advantages and benefits that might derive from the HREYN.
• To participate in the General Assembly with voice and vote.
• To be electors and eligible members of the Board of Directors.
• To receive information regarding the agreements adopted by the organs of the HREYN.
• To make suggestions to the members of Board of Directors or in order to improve the accomplishment of HREYN aims.

To receive the membership, candidates must fill in the application form and pay the annual membership fee upon approval from the board.